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दयानंद जीवनी

The quest is to know who am I?

Having heard about the fame of Swami Virjanandji, Swami Dayanand reached Mathura on Kartik Suda 2, 1917 Vikrami and knocked the door. Swami Virjanandji asked from inside "who has come there" Swami politely replied, " My quest to know who am I, has brought me to this door." Swami Virjanand opened the door and asked "what books you have studied?" Swami Dayanand named the books. Swami Virjanandji replied, "If you wish to study here, forget all you have studied till now. Here you will study only the books authored by rishis. "Swami Dayanand agreed and this meeting of teacher and student proved a boon for the whole humanity.
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