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दयानंद जीवनी

The ideal of devotion for teacher (Guru)

While studying in Swami Virjanandhi's ashram the arrangement of his meals, milk and oil (for light) was made by Joshi baba Amarlalji, Shri Goverdhan Saraf and Shri Hardevaji. As a student the duties allocated to Swami Dayanand were to Fetch water from river Yamuna, and to clean the ashram area with broom. One day Swami Dayanand cleaned with broom and collected the garbage on one side. Swami Virjanandji chanced to come that side and his legs touched the heap of garbage. Being angry swami Virjanandji started beating Swami Dayanand with stick. Not caring for his own pain Swami Dayanand began to massage his guru's hands. This is really an ideal of devotion for the guru.
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