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दयानंद जीवनी

Pakhand Khandni Pataka; Flag to refute blind beliefs

Maharishi reached Haridwar on 1st March 1867 at the time of Kumbha Mela there. On this occasion, Sadhus, Mahants of different sects of Hindus reached there. Young Dayanand closely observed their deeds in the name of religion.

In compliance of his promise given to his guru Swami Virjanandji, Swami Dayanand hoisted a flag in front of his cottage and wrote the words, " Flag for Refutation of blind beliefs," and started his discourses. Here Swamiji renounced all his possessions such as books, utensils, dresses, and kept only the loin cloth(langoti). He was like a true paramhans saint.
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