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दयानंद जीवनी

Humiliation of Rao Karan Singh

The uncompromising firmness with which Maharishi Dayanand preached truth, made him enemy of all those who followed untruth.

During Maharishi's stay at Karnwas, Rao Karan Singh also truthed as Swamiji's enemy. One day the Rao came to Maharishi and started abusing him. So much so, he dashed towards Maharishi with a naked sword.

Maharishi in a dash snatched the sword from Rao's hand and putting it against ground broke it in two pieces. In calm and sober voice, Maharishi said, "I am a sanyasi. Being enraged by your tyranny, I will never go what is not good for you. Go, may God bless you with good wisdom."
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