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The Dawn of realisation of the ultimate turth

Father of Mool Shankar wished and tried to make him staunch devotee of Shiva. By his inspriration Mool shankar decided to keep fast, keep awake whole night and worship idol of 'Shiva' on Shiva Ratri Falgun Krishna 14, 1894 vikrami. In the Shiva Temple the crowd of devotees was busy in the worship process . But the third quarter of night all the devotees including the priests and Mool Shankar's father fell asleep. Mool Shankar observed a rat running on the idol and eating the offerings. The doubt flashed in Mool Shankar's mind how the idol could be omnipotent Shiva when even a rat could not be removed by him. He woke his father put the doubt before him but was not satisfied with reply. He broke the fast and returned home. This event made him clear about the futility of idol worship and he took vow of having darshan of the true Shiva.
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