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दयानंद जीवनी

Kashi Shastrarth "What is there to be afraid of"

Swami Dayanand's preaching against idol worship and the defeat of number of pandits created a turmoil. But Swamihi knew that so long as Kashi the fort of Pauraniks is not defeated, no significant change is possible. So he went to Kashi, stayed in Anand-Bagh and started his preachings.

The ruler of Kashi Ishwar Prasad Narayan Singh pursuaded Pandits for Shastrarth, which was arranged in Anand Bagh on 16th Nov. 1869. Large number of Pandits arrived along with Gundas as well. Swamiji's deciple Baldeva expressed his apprehension at the large number of Gundas, but Swamiji observed "What is there to be afraid of? God is one, I am also alone, True religion is also one." This shows the confidence and the unshattered courage of Maharishi Dayanand.
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