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दयानंद जीवनी

Kashi Shashtrarth - a well planned conspiracy

On the day of shashtrarth at Anand bagh, kashi, a large crowd of fifty to sixty thousand persons assembled which included pandits of kashi, their supporters and also Gundas to reverse the result of shastrarth by Gundaism. Pandit Bal Shashtri, Swami vishuddhanand pandit Madhvacharya and all other pandits were on one side and on the other side there was maharishi Dayanand alone. Ruler of kashi occupied the presiding chair.

Maharishi started by saying "If there is any mention of idol worship in the vedas plese put up the evidence." No pandit could do it, and started queistion on unrelated topics, which were all replied by swamiji. When it was dark evening Swami vishuddhanand handed over two sheets of paper, by the time swamiji could read and reply the Gundas raised violent hue and cry of har - har mahadeo which was supported by the ruler of kashi and the meeting dissovled with no decision.
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