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दयानंद जीवनी

Kashi Shastrarth - Victory for the sun of truth

Clapping by the ruler of kashi was if a signal for the Gundas who began to throws stones, shoes etc. aiming at swamiji. the Kotwal (Police officer) tried his best to protect swamiji. The pandit of kashi published about the false news of their victory and also distributed pamphlets but the imparital and intelligent person knew that the pandits could not produce any evidence from the vedas in support of idol worship. Papers like 'Hindu Patriot' (7th jan. 1870) published all the facts clearly. Monthly magazine issue 'Gyan pradaini' and pratna kram Nandni, "Rohel Khand" 'Tatva Bodhni' also published news of swami Dayanand's victory.
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