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दयानंद जीवनी

Establishment of the Arya Samaj

Maharishi Dayanand had devoted his life for the revival of the vedas, for the removal of the social evils, bad customs and blind belief. He also preached for political independence and infact covered all aspects of life. His devotees requested him to established an organisation which could continue his work after departure. So on chatra-sudi-panchmi 1932, Vikarami i.e. 7th april1875. The arya samaj was established in the garden of Dr.Manak Chandji at Girgao, Bombay. It's 28 principles and rest of bye laws were drafted and when Arya samaj was established at lahore, the ten principal and rest of bye laws were finalised by maharishi himself. In the first Arya samaj, the number of members was 100, Shri Girdhari Das D.Kothari was elected President and Shri Pana Chandji Parekh as secretary and Swamiji preferred to be only a member.
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