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दयानंद जीवनी

The Satyarth Prakash

The satyarth prakash - the immortal book, as if a blessing from Maharishi Dayanand for the humanity at largem, it is the essence of the thousands of books studied by maharishi. Satyarath Prakash contains 1542 evidences from the four vedas and also from Brahmin granths, upnishads, the six darshans (schools of philosophy), the smratis, puranas, the sutra granths, Jain and Budh scriptures, the Bible, the koran and references from 373 books. It is like an encyclopedia of religions and treasure house of ideas relating to every aspects of life. The land of Udaipur has the glorious fortune that here at Navalkha Mahal Maharishi Dayanand completed the book and wrote its introduction on Bhadrapad ShuklaPaksh 1939 Vikrami, 1882 A.D.

In the picture along with Maharishi is Pandit Bhimsen who worked as a clerk Writer.
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