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Efforts to reform Maharaja Jodhpur

Having succeded in efferting change for reformation in the life of Maharana of Udaipur Shri Sajjan singhji, Maharishi Dayanand proceeded to jodhpur for the same purpose, ignoring the advice of his well wishers. During stay at jodhpur swamiji came to know about the evil vices of Maharaja Jaswant singhji. One day Maharishi reached Maharaja's palace all of a sudden, and saw a prostitute 'Nanhi Bhagtan' sitting by the side of maharaja, who seeting swamiji approaching, arranged to send her off.

Maharishi rebuked the maharaja by saying "Oh Maharaja! rulers are like lions and a prostitude is like a bitch. It is not proper for lion to be lured by a bitch, as it is against your dignity. This made Nanhi Bhagtan bitter enemy of maharishi who conspired to poison Swamiji.
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