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दयानंद जीवनी

Pandit Guru Dutta Vidyarthi

Guruduttaji was born on 26th april 1864 at Multan. He was intelligent and secured first position in M.A. in the punjab University, and was appointed as proffesor in government College Lahore. His doubts about existence of god were cleared by study of vedic Literature. He inspired a number of youngmen to follow the doctriness preached by swami Dayanand. On 31st Oct. 1883 when he saw Maharishi Dayanand breathing his last with the words, "O God! May thy will prevail" he was turned in to a firm theist. He resigned his post of proffesorship and devoted himself for the study of the vedas and to learn yoga. He started a magazine for propogation of vedic principles. He was so deeply attached to propogation of vedic dharma that he neglected his health and expired in March 1889, at an early age of 26 only.
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