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Swami Shradhanand whose martyrdom will ever inspire

Munshiram, then Mahatma Munshiram and finally initiated in Sanyas as Swami Shradhanand was born injullandhar district in 1913 Vikrami. The magic of Maharishi Dayanand totally changed a spoiled young Munshiram into Arya leader of top rank. His sphere of activities was very wide. He established Gurukul Kangri with one teacher (himself) and two students (his two sons) which later on developed as a very big university. He worked for conversion and converted thousands of malkhanvas. He worked for freedom movement and was Chairman reception committee of Congress session just after jalyanwala massacre He was the first non muslim to deliver sermon from the jama Masjid of Delhi. Above all he was a preacher of vedic dharma. He succumbed to the stabbing by a fanatic Muslim on 23th Dec. 1926.
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