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दयानंद जीवनी

The Grand renunciation

Ever since the event of Shivratri Mool Shankar's mind was in a turbulent state of thinking. He was studying in a village miles from Tankakara. Parents of Mool Shankar to tie him in marriage bonds. When Mool Shankar came to Tankara and saw the preparations for marriage, he decided to renounce the family. Just as 2,500 years back the Price of Kapil Vastu renounced the Royal Palace, including his wife and child, to be Budha the p;reacher of the world, so also Mool Shankar in 1846 left his home full of all luxuries, affection of parents, with intention not to return back as he also was destined to be Maharishi Dayanand to bring back to the world the light of the Vedas adn reformation.
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