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Last Meeting of father & son

Brahmchari Shudh Chaitanya (Mool Shankar) stayed at Kot Kangra for three months but could not get the Guru he wanted. He came to know that his persuit could succeed in the Sidhpur Mela, so he started for the town. In the way he met a already known person also and disclosed his plan to go to Sidhpur and never to return home.

In Sidhpur also he tried his best to find out a true yogi but could not succeed.

The man who met, conveyed Mool Shankar's plans to his fathar at Tankara. He along with few soldiers reached Sidhpur fair and was very angry to see his son in the dress of a Sanyasi and tore his dress, Mool Shankar understanding the situation apologised and agreed to return home with his father.
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